Should a Love Scene make you cry?

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I just finished a  steamy love scene between my POV character and the completely unsuitable, dangerous man she falls for. Honestly, I almost shed a tear. Maybe all the emotion the two characters endure during their adventure finally got to me, or maybe it was  just the questionable quality of the writing:)

So, what’s your opinion on love scenes?

11 thoughts on “Should a Love Scene make you cry?”

  1. Love scenes attract most readers as they are essential to life. If they don’t like them, they can always skim them. As my ten-year old daughter told me when she was reading the adult version of Sacagawea’s life and I questioned her about the rape scene, “Don’t worry, I skip those parts.”

  2. I can’t get enough of love scenes. I love them so much I decided to write an entire book of love scenes! That’s before I discovered other important story parts like plot and conflict, stuff like that. 😉
    Still, both reading and writing love scenes always transports me to a happy place. 🙂
    Even though I’m usually crying when I’m finished …

    1. Hey Kirsten, I’m glad I’m not the only one who cries during these scenes! The male character in my novel has everything to do with the emotion in this scene. He has developed beyond all my expectations, and he continually surprises me:) This is why we write.

    1. Bittersweet love scenes aren’t the norm, I admit. I’ve read only a few, but it wasn’t until I wrote one did I understand how personal experience, happy and sad, can morph into something touching – even in fun SFR:)

  3. I don’t think my answer fits within the poll! But I do think if it’s an emotional scene – the coming together of two characters, you could feel emotional about it. Or it may be you could be too close and need to read it again in a couple of days. Context plays a big part.

  4. Thanks Rebecca,
    You know, I thoughr about that. Am I too close to this character? My POV is firtst person, so it’s possible. I re-read it again, added a bit of humor and it works!

  5. Naturally it depends on if you use words like…well you know…but I tend to make it through with a small blush. I do try and avoid to much steaminess in a book though having been scared and scarred by some well known ‘erotica’.

    1. Oh, I agree. I’ve been nearly scared to death by some books posing as erotica. I’m much more of a sensualist than a nuts-and-bolts romance writer, but don’t tell anyone:)

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