View from highway 14.

The Highpark Fire (now contained) came within 1/4 mile of many homes

in the community of Glacier View, CO. A friend whose house was saved by volunteer fire fighters told me

these folks risked their lives by driving through a wall of flame to stop the fire from racing up the canyon toward Glacier View. When they returned

home they realized the flames had blistered the paint off their vehicles. She said no one will ever hear about this story, and I wish I had more details.

But, I do know one thing. Fire Fighters Rock. That says it all.

WildLand Firefighters rock!

High Park Fire west of Ft. Collins, CO








This was the High Park Fire about two weeks ago. Since then, at least eight other fires have broken out in Colorado. The Wildland Fire Fighters, state, and local authorities are doing a great job managing a situation completely controlled by nature. The rest of us can only get out of the way.

Unfortunately, we’ve become like California, the Shake and Bake state. We definitely have the Bake: hope we don’t get the Shake.

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