Sad puppy:(

sad-brodieIt’s the first Wednesday again. Welcome to Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Check us out at IWSG. This is a safe and wonderful place to air your fears and triumphs as you write your way to fame.

That being said, I am one sad puppy. I am feeling sorry for myself and for my wonderful characters in my second novel. They are unique and sexy and they are languishing in the worst first draft ever written. I usually sketch or use photos to help me visualize my new players and, as they stare down at me from my bulletin board, I can’t meet their eyes.

However, I think I may have stumbled on part of  the problem. I wanted to write this novel using a dual third-person POV. Or not. My funny ironic voice is just gone. The story is too serious which in SFR is not a good thing. So, I may go back to first person POV. I know this changes a lot for writer and reader, but making my readers smile is important.

What do you think? Does first-person POV make a novel funnier? If not, what third-person POV novel made you laugh?

Any suggestions,  guidance or commiseration is welcome, folks.

Dawn Mosquitoes are Swarming


Hi ISWG members!  If you’re not a member of this wonderful group, click the linky to the right to join us.

As usual, I need help.

I’m still struggling with the synopsis for my second novel. I won’t start writing before I know where the heck I’m going. Honestly, I never thought my idea would collapse in the middle. Something is wrong. If my synopsis doesn’t start coming together, I may have to spend some time at the thirst aid center in Leadville, CO.

Does it really matter if my plot smacks of Indian Jones and Jake Sully twisted up in a mangled mash up of adventure? Three weeks ago, when I created the outline, I loved it. It felt right, comfortable, tellable. Like a plunge into cool water, or maybe a stroll in the early morning grass. Except, I forgot about the dawn mosquitoes,  the half-baked, hackneyed plot suckers.

So, what in heck’s the problem? We all know there is a finite number of plot templates. Right? Seven seems a popular number, but the exact amount is discussed ad infinitum on the internet if you’re interested.

  1. [wo]man vs. nature
  2. [wo]man vs. man
  3. [wo]man vs. the environment
  4. [wo]man vs. machines/technology
  5. [wo]man vs. the supernatural
  6. [wo]man vs. self
  7. [wo]man vs. god/religion

That about covers it.

As humans, I think our basic needs and desires predetermine the threads of our thoughts. Isn’t it  only the particular manner of telling a story that makes the difference? So obvious. But not so easy. Why is this so hard?? What am I missing?! Should I can my original idea? How about zapping my two wonderful new characters? Am I lacking conflict? Honestly, I don’t know what to do.

Enough whining. I’m heading for The Manhattan Bar:)


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