Road to Perfection

prepare to be annoyedOk. I admit it.

I am annoyed with my first draft because I am a perfectionist. Probably caught the disease from my dad. Those of you who know me well know I am the most imperfect of creatures, but still I expect wondrous talent from my first draft. Obviously, I missed the part where Dad counseled his students that the road to perfection requires practice, practice, practice.

I keep forgetting. First Draft is practice – bones before flesh – priming the canvas – ect.

Good news is, while wrangling with my perfection addiction, I’ve discovered how to give my charming yet reticent main character more steel and sparkle. She’s surrounded with fantastic characters who pretty much write themselves, so I’m grabbing a bit of their mighty mojo for her!

Do you suffer from perfectionism? How do you deal with it?

Update: I’m still chugging away with about 40,000 words so far.



10 thoughts on “Road to Perfection”

  1. Oh yes, I struggle mightily with Perfect!
    Somehow I’ve been able to slay it for first draft writing, maybe because I get so excited about the story that I don’t have time to look back at the mess I’ve created. Once revision rolls around though, look out … I can’t seem to let things go until they’re just right, which they never are.

    (I love your image for this post. We need more creative road sign writers. 🙂 )

    1. Well, I have yet to slay it for first draft. Sometimes I take a few days off to difuse the perfectionism dithering. It’s a good time for research, which I enjoy a lot:)

  2. S-o-m-e-times I’ll fiddle with a sentence while I’m working on a project, but more often I write till I can’t anymore. My favorite is editing but I find it difficult to stop tinkering. Sigh. Perfection may not exist but its difficult to not strive for it. ~(*_*)~~ And strive, and strive…

    1. Thanks so much. This novel has been a reaaal challenge so far. I thought I’d learned how to write with the first book, but I still have a LOT to learn. But, that’s the good thing about writing. You learn and you move on.

  3. Perfectionism is all good until it gets boring and then I just bung it up on the blog as it is…sometimes it even pays off. 40,000 words is a good foundation, here’s to 40,000 more now! Hang on, you can have more than one draft? Well you learn something new every day.

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