Reverse Blessing Count

These unscheduled comments are inspired by receiving a Christmas CD from The Accidental Cootchie Mama, one of my favorite blogs.  Andra is witty and irreverent every single day, and I love her habit of sending occasional gifts to her followers. Especially when I win!

So, to honor all the good luck and fortunate events of December, I’m celebrating them in reverse order.

Today I’ve added corrections and suggestions to the last three scenes of my WIP. Without my writing buddy, Lynette, I ‘d be writing in a vacuum. Her intelligent and humorous critique is an inspiration! (I’m up to 19,000 words. Only 60,000 more to go:)).

Christmas day I received awesome gifts from my husband! Can’t say what they were, but use your imagination. Guarantee you’ll never guess.

Friday before Christmas, my boss, Lori, left a holiday goodie bag on my cluttered desk. This lady has been my constant supporter at work for the last year during some difficult times.

christmas-cupcake-with-striped-wrapper-thEarlier in the month, I received a clean bill of health from my very relieved doctor. He looks about fifteen, but his skill as a surgeon is – well, let’s just say, I’m glad I found him! And, in his case, there is absolutely no way I’ll outlive my doctor:)

So, all in all, December has been a wonderful month. Just saying.

What blessings are you counting?

Halloween Heels

Yesterday I ventured out in search of a book for my husband. Our wonderful independent bookstore, Anthology, is located on Fourth Street. Unknown to me, this weekend was Halloween Party Saturday, and there were floods of costumed kids and frazzled parents wandering up and down the streets of Loveland, searching for candy in local shops. Mini-Harry Potters, vampires of every description, and super heroes beyond counting darted out from behind cars and into the crosswalks. I slowed down, cautious, and a little impatient.

After all, I was on a mission.

Once I found a book for my man and left the bookstore, I noticed the woman next to me grinning at the kids. Suddenly, just for a moment, I wanted wear a costume and be completely free to enjoy myself, eat candy, scream and giggle. Fortunately, the moment was short-lived but the thought remained.

Then, as I drove home, I remembered my best costume ever, the inspired costume that turned heads. Of course, you understand I am not talking about a childhood costume.

The outfit itself was simple: black tights, pert short skirt, black top, adorable white apron, cuffs, headband and RED high heels. I became a gorgeous French maid. Honest. Unfortunately, the one surviving photo, the proof this costume actually existed and I actually wore it, was relegated to the dust of the universe, along with Bigfoot, flying saucers, and honest politicians.

I had such fun at that grown up Halloween party. I ate candy and giggled – in a very adult way, I assure you.

When was the last time you wore a costume and pretended, just for a while, you were someone else?

Were you someone we would recognize or a creature of your own imagination?

Come on. I know you really want to tell me.

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