A2Z Envy

As promised here’s a brief update on my writing progress.Lies-and-Legends-Time-for-w

After more stalling, I’ve returned to my languishing first draft. My muse, I’m happy to say, is lurking in the room, sending actual ideas my way. I’ve plunged my characters into danger and death, dilemmas of the heart, and plain old-fashioned chaos. They’ll need to be fearless every time they get a chance.

Word count is 37,000+.

Also, to all of you out there doing A2Z, I envy you. Time management is a problem for me, but next year I’ll start working on the challenge a month ahead.

bokeh-kiss_l      More next week.

21 thoughts on “A2Z Envy”

  1. Honestly, A to Z is taking up a lot more time than I thought it would, and I have most of my posts finished already! It’s all the chatting and visiting–it’s fun, but whew …

    It sounds like you made the right choice pushing ahead with the WIP. My Muse sends his regards, and a bottle of something that he thinks your Muse will appreciate. Not sure what that might be … 😉

  2. Favorite drink of characters in Learning Levitation, including Juan, is an Afterburner – tequila and whisky blended together. Yikes. Not a drink for the faint hearted. Kind of like writing:)

  3. Seriously, The A-Z takes up A LOT of time. I attacked it like it was a promotion project and did all the posts in March. Now I’m working my way through the linky list and still managing to get some work done on my WIP. Good luck with your WIP!!
    Lexa Cain’s Blog

  4. Best of luck on the first draft of your novel. This A to Z sure is time consuming! 😉 But also a great way to meet fellow writers and bloggers. 🙂

    1. Hi Jann, Good Lord! I’m not sure how The ET sign got on my post. I opened it, then decided not to post it. Touched wrong key somewhere. Actually, it was taken on Nevada State Hiway 375 close to area 51. Not a Colorado sign, but for someone who writes SF, it was irresistible. Thanks for stopping by my blog, flawed as it is:)

    1. Oh, I am. But, I’m waiting for the dust to settle on the internet. It’s a lot like when iTunes took over the world and destroyed the music stores. It’s coming for the traditional publishing houses – good and bad. More freedom for indie writers, more good novels and lots of bad ones out there. Now, I just want to finish Lies and Legends. What ever’s happening out there will still be there when I’m ready to shop it out or self-publish.

  5. There is nothing like playing God with characters and making them suffer. or maybe i am just a bit evil…keep going and good luck with the next phase of your work.

  6. I stopped by and I can understand why A-Z can be consumptive – I started putting mine together in January because I’m at the end of my second book and the rewriting is like slogging through the swamp. Keep going on the book, and I loved your A Great idea!

  7. When I joined the A to Z Challenge, I didn’t think it would take up as much time as it does. I’ve discovered I’m bad at doing short posts and usually end up writing for quite a while longer than I intended (being a perfectionist doesn’t help!). Yesterday was my first really short post due to coming down with a cold. It’s a double-edged sword: it has really helped me to get into blogging (I started less than two months ago), but it’s also eaten up a large chunk of time that I would otherwise have spent writing… so I can honestly say that I enjoyed it so far, and will see it through to the bitter end, but I’m also looking forward to doing 1-2 posts per week and having more time to work on my book again.

    1. Hi Amos, I found the same thing with A to Z. A lot of people do all their posts in advance, say a month before. It’s a balancing act, for sure. Next year I hope to be ready sooner. Thanks for stopping by. I’m. checking out your blog:)

      1. Yeah, I’m starting to realise that; I might have to do that next time around. Thanks for the advice! I’ll struggle through it this time, I’d hate to “fail” the challenge so soon into my existence as a blogger 😉

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