I’m back. Again!

After another lay-over in the land of recovery I am cautiously optimistic. That’s all the optimism I allow myself…but it’s all good!

So, here’s the good news:

I can walk on the beach with the help of my trusty cane, nicknamed Drogo. (We all need a villainous barbarian to lean on once in a while.) I can climb small sand dunes and leap tiny waves at a single bound. Seriously. Caribbean 2

And, yes, weeds fear me in the yard. I can, very cautiously, chop bushes, carry yard debris, and plant flowers. I even have an heirloom tomato plant that produces tomatoes with dark, blood red flesh. Vampirish but incredibly good.

I finished both my novels, chronic pain not withstanding!

Bittersweet news:

I left my job with grace and dignity except when I cried in front of the IT boys on my way out of the building. My husband’s company made it possible for me to slide out from under the working world a bit early.

Now that my novels are done I haven’t a single good idea what to write next. I’ve had plenty of so-so ideas and even a few no-way ideas. My muse wandered off into the void. At the moment, I’ll pick up where I left off blogging, writing whatever comes to mind, and reading other people’s stuff.

Extremely weird news:

blue-hair-cosplay-at-comicon-2009-san-diego_lThe medicine they gave me for infection after surgery fried my hair. (I didn’t need chemo, so not to worry.) I’m glad I have hair, but this is weird super frizz. So, I’m getting a wig. I’d kind of like a bright blue one, but it would embarrass my husband.

Born an extreme cynic, I am learning to count my many blessings. Acceptance without anger is my latest goal; I’m working on it.

(It seems wordpress has changed a bit since I was last here. My tag words are hiding, but I’ll figure it out.)

So, fellow bloggers, what big goal are you working on these days?

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