What’s been happening lately in my world of writing?

I realized I couldn’t remember my blog password so I knew I haven’t been writing enough. I take back what I said about resurrecting a story I wrote a few years ago. This revision is hard enough to handle. Rehashing an old story may not be the best idea I’ve had.

Moving forward on the novel what this is about, moving forward no matter how difficult, frustrating, and tedious.

With this in mind, I went to see an actual, real live, successful, regional author last Wednesday night. CJ Box, in case you’re wondering. His books about a Wyoming game warden almost make you want to move to Wyo – almost. He said a lot of funny things about writing, but when he confessed how long it took to get his first novel published I felt better. Most of the time the road to publication, if it happens, is a long way off. So — I’m not alone on this lonely word studded plane.

There are days I wonder why I’m doing this, but I know if I don’t think about writing, plan outlines, construct the scenes and put the words together, I’ll be lost. This life style has become a compulsion, both wonderful and awful, but part of my day, every day.

Revision is hell, but what the heck.



2 thoughts on “THE WORD STUDDED PLANE”

  1. You are to be highly commended for your determination and dedication! I’m hoping it’s catching. Different type of writing but I have too many stories that need to be told.
    So glad we have our ‘group’.

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