Time is after me! The revision progresses at its usual steady  pace. I set a December goal for the big cuts, but I’m not going to make it. That’s ok. This particular section of the work is bringing me more ideas and revelations than anything to date. That means I’ll be making changes. Fortunately, I haven’t discovered midstream my novel needs to completely shift gears, but I’ve spotted some areas that need to change to make the novel more sophisticated and more interesting reading. This revision course WORKS, but its student works at a snail’s pace.

Regardless of my slow progress, this snail is moving toward her goal, leaving a shiny trail of words.

Time is after my story, too. So many of the books I’m reading now begin and conclude the action in a week or less.  Am I out of the loop? Does the average reader no longer want to follow characters through a month, six months, a year?

I know it depends on the story, but what’s your favorite time span in a novel?

Let me know!

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