Turkey day is approaching, and I’ve been thinking about the dinner I’m preparing for my husband, stepson, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons.


Roast turkey with onion/celery dressing,

gravy, cranberry sauce, peas and corn, mashed potatoes and crescent rolls.


 Dog Face Apple pie! (The pie tastes great, honest. I’ll tell you the name story another time.)


While planning this menu, wandering through fantasy food-land and planning for IT work tomorrow, I realized  two surprising things about  my novel, Spear into Darkness (working title.)

First thing is —  my characters rarely cook.

In the early chapters, my people exist on hors d’oeuvres, pub grub, stale leftovers from the back of the fridge, and military rations. After landing on their target planet, they manage to hunt down fresh meat for dinner  — once. Two sympathetic alien hostesses feed Vanessa (the main character) and her companions lavish meals as they pass through on their quest. Over a span of a month, Vanessa cooks only twice. She just doesn’t have time — it’s tough to plan a meal in the middle of a fire-fight.

Second thing is — Vanessa rarely uses a computer of any kind. There are references to her recording devices and generic communications equipment, but nothing else. Computers are so integrated into their world, wireless wonders are just background noise.

Instead of crafty inventions, adventure, steamy romance, evolution and revolution dominate the worlds of my imagination and, some days, these settings are much more appealing than reality.

But, I do have the consolation that, here on Earth,  the food is so much better. Even Vanessa’s crowd would drool.


  1. Just imagine! I think I have taken a step forward in the inter-connected world we live in today. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? At least I THINK I have succeeded in setting myself up a blog site. We’ll see.
    I have just been enjoying reading all of your past blogs. I thought I was the only one who let things lapse so long that I forgot pass words. On the other hand, you are faithful, dedicated, determined AND greatly talented.
    Write On!!

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