happy puppy

8698727117_1a6a6a8983Welcome to Insecure Writers Support Group created by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Reach him at this link and join us the first Wednesday each month as we comfort and cheer each other on in the world of writing.

I’m a happy puppy. My muse finally showed up! I’m sneaking up on Chapter Four and, while my plot is still incomplete (lacking a middle!), my two main characters are moving through their adventure, risking their lives for the common good and falling in love. Heck, they may reach the middle and resolve my plot problems on their own. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Since the center of the novel is an issue for many writers, I’d love to hear your ideas on  wrangling the middle.  blue-rng-paw-print-th

Have a Happy Wednesday, everyone.

11 thoughts on “happy puppy”

  1. Thanks, Terri

    I feel good about what I’ve done so far. It is a first draft so I need to keep that in mind and not get too crazed about description. That comes later in revision.

  2. Yes, I love it when the characters start to click and tell the story to me instead of the other way around!
    As for saggy middles, I haven’t got much help there. Scene cards do make a difference, but even with them, I’ve found, now that I’m revising this latest WIP, that I covered the same ground twice. Eek! How did that happen?
    I suppose the best advice I can give is to keep going in the direction of the end and fix it on the revision pass.
    Good luck, and I’m glad to see that things are rolling along in your story! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kirsten
      Thankfully I do know the ending. They live happily ever after – sort of. I’m writing toward that ending and, with the help of my surly muse, I’ll get there:)

  3. Love the photo! Middles–it really depends. Properly paced scenes; goals and setbacks; a weaving subplot or two. There are a lot of ups and downs in the middle, and I can’t tackle it as a whole (which just creates an image in my mind of a big space to fill). I break it up, picturing a series of moments to reach, and setting each of those moments up, which, when I look back, has created the middle. And I stay flexible for those aha flashes when I realize something about my character(s) I was unaware of before. Things can really fall into place at those times.

    1. Thanks J.C.

      Great suggestions. I reall identify with the big space to fill. Fortunately, I do have a clear idea of how I want this novel to end. So, I’ll set small goals for my characters and when the setbacks come they will be big ones. Part of my challenge in this novel is the short time frame – only ten days! My last novel covered six months. Needless to say, this is quite a change for me, this writing in the moment.

  4. I have no idea how to wrangle the middle. Mine just gets bigger and bigger. Signed: your happy eater, Mom

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