11 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE VETS”

  1. These are beautiful Nancy, thank you for sharing them. I’m really struck by that gorgeous picture of your mother.

    My favourite vet is all of them. 🙂

    1. My mom looked better than Jackie. She turned heads. Now, at 90, she still has that babe glint in her eye.
      But, I also wanted to comment on my husband, Rick. I promised not to say anything sappy so here are the facts. He was barely twenty in the photo which was taken near Bien Hoa, Vietnam. He was a combat SeaBee, a heavily armed construction unit that builds airstrips, buildings, roads in combat zones. They are the hardest working and most endangered sailors ever! To avoid being drafted and ending up in the Army infantry, he joined the Navy at 17 and shipped out right out of high school at 18. During his eight months in Vietnam he survived, thrived and left as he arrived – whole in body and mind.:)

    1. Thank Terri,
      I love posting this every year. I wish I had access to photos of my handsome dad, a member of the Army Air Corps in WWII. Like so many of his generation, he refused to talk about the war and although he remained in the Air Force Reserve until retirement, he never opened up to any of us kids.

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