Button-fly Freedom Fighter

I am in hell. I’ve actually found something as horrifying as trying on bathing suits.

Trying on new blue jeans.the-blues-2

All my jeans, the staple of my wardrobe, have worn out at once. Worn jeans aren’t usually  a problem, but I wear my jeans to work, so strategically placed rips, bleach explosions, and ragged hems are verboten. I do have standards. Some jeans should never leave the house.

glass-button-webUnfortunately, women’s jean styles change every year. Every year. They cost more. Every year. And, seriously, do  I really want jeans with rhinestones and tacky stitching riding on my back pockets?  For crying out loud. A guy can still find a pair of Levis 501s without mortgaging the house.

Levi Strauss, a nineteenth century German immigrant, could never have imagined the twenty-first century jeans market. From 1853 to 1873, he perfected a brand of hard-working pants for miners. At first he used canvas, but the miners said the pants chaffed, so Levi changed to a French cotton cloth, called “serge de Nimes.” The fabric became known as denim, the pants earned the nickname blue jeans, and the rest is history.

The special pocket stitch design (sans glitter) appeared in 1873, and the company patented the strengthening rivets May 20, 1873 – the official birthday of jeans.

Added in 1936, the ubiquitous Red tab on the left pocket appeared as a forward-thinking marketing tool. Then and now, the undisputed coolness of Levi’s jeans could be spotted at a distance. levis-red-tag_l

So, I continue my quest. I am a jeans woman, a denim  partisan, a button-fly freedom fighter. I won’t allow fashion or lack of funds to stand in my way.

If old school misses jeans are still out there, I will find them.

What are your favorite kinds of jeans and where do you find them?

Jeans art – Foter. Glass button –  me.

14 thoughts on “Button-fly Freedom Fighter”

  1. LOL, I draw the line at rhinestones too!
    I’m also pretty particular about my jeans, and have had a some success with Lucky brand, as well as DKNY. Although I admit they’re not cheap! I figure, since I wear them until they fall apart, it’s worth it, and nothing beats a nice fitting pair of jeans, does it? Since it seems I’m on the taller end of the fit spectrum (at 5′ 7″ who knew?) my nemesis is finding jeans that are long enough to wear with a nice tall heel (to create the illusion of being skinnier, of course. 😉 )

    I wish you best of luck on your quest. 🙂

    1. You’re right. Nothing else compares with the moment you look in the mirror and whisper, “Damn, these jeans make me look good.” I haven’t heard of Lucky brand, so I’ll check them out. Keep you posted on the never ending jeans saga:)

  2. Since I retired seven years ago, I live in jeans. My working life was high heels and professional dress. I have six pair and only two fit at the moment. Like Levi’s and Gloria Vanderbilt. Nowadays, I buy jeans in second hand stores. That’s where I find the goldies and at a good price.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. To be honest, I’ve been wearing jeans since I was six years old. Finding a good fit is a constant challenge. I’m even desperate enough to try guys 501 shrink to fits again, but I’m not sure I have the time it takes to soften that super stiff fabric. Oh well, a gallon of fabric softener should do it. Maybe:)

  3. Absolutely the best jeans and the best prices are at Kohl’s. I have to try on three or four pair, but this last time I found perfect jeans, Levi’s, of course, with an actual waist and that fit all the way up my legs with no pouch, usually the worst part of women’s jeans. I love this pair.

  4. Try LLBean, If you don’t like the prices, find a good consignment store where they seperate things by brand label, and I’m sure you will find something, and they are allready broken in.

    1. Hi Liz
      I haven’t looked at LLBean for a while. Their high waists were uncomfortable , but I’ll take another look. They may have added shorter rises. Thanks, sis.

  5. I can’t remember where my jeans come from but I wear them to death. They are all black (or shades of grey) – so people must assume I own just the one pair because nothing sets one pair from the rest. BUT I am on the lookout for a high waisted pair (black of course). Have no idea if the style will suit me, time will tell. haha ps- I burst out when you said ‘some jeans should never leave the house.’ I know…I wish EVERYONE in the world knew that. Especially those who don’t own a belt.

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