Climbing Our Family Tree


Is the  creative spirit  passed from one generation to another by dna or by example?

In our family, resistance to art seems futile. Art is in our blood, whether we like it or not!

In the past 100 years our people have produced a broad spectrum of artists:  opera singers, voice teachers, writers, quilters, musicians, master gardeners, photographers and me – a decent painter and a struggling but enthusiastic writer.

We artists work hard, usually for small reward. Thank God for our day jobs, our life boats on the ocean of creativity. Often art seems more of a burden than a blessing, but  we were born compelled to create. All it takes is a spark. The night my mother showed me how to draw stick figures changed my life for ever.

Ultimately, however, only one thing matters  – we’ve planted the creative seed. As it reaches into the future will it play out, all traces lost forever, or will it culminate in some brilliant flash of talent, talent we will never see and can only imagine?

What artistic fruit hangs from the branches of your family tree?

12 thoughts on “Climbing Our Family Tree”

    1. You bet, sis. We were living in that crappy corner house on Knox or Duke. Remember? (There was a gnarled old pear tree in the back yard and when the pears ripened and fell to the ground, wasps swarmed around eating the sweet fruit juice. I can still smell that juice.)
      Anyhow, I don’t know if I was napping during the day or in bed for the night, but I woke up out of a sound sleep, found Mom, and asked her how to draw. Mom wasn’t 2D artist, so she taught me what she knew – stick figures. I must have been around seven or eight, and I never stopped drawing until I was twenty-seven. Every once in a while, I still draw – just for old time’s sake.

  1. I was always the creative one in my family, but like you say, the day job is a necessity. I can already see that one of my nieces is blessed with a creative spirit–and it is a blessing!

  2. Our clans art is the art of not being skilled in any areas of skill., which is a skill and so therefore that is what we do. I have a good eye for a bargain as well though.

    Creating is great…is a quilter a case of it being exactly like the word or is it more nuanced than that?

    1. Quilter is exactly like the word. Mom created fabulous modern and traditional quilts while I, on the other hand, could barely hold a needle and thread without sticking my fingers.

      A good eye for a bargain sounds like art to me. I am such a poor money manager and lousy shopper it’s embarrassing:)

  3. You aren’t a poor money manager, I would say you are generous with your money, it sounds so much better!

    A quilter…it is good to learn new things, although I can’t sew either…well I have a go but things have a tendency to fall apart. We should form a club.

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