Into the published land

I’m hovering over the first three chapters of the third draft. Am I dragging my feet? Of course.

Plenty of ideas are surfacing at inopportune moments during the day, and I’m amassing cards, scraps of paper, and entries in my date book. Usually, the notes are cryptic,  and anyone who reads them might wonder about my sanity. But, they serve their purpose.

The writing road ahead seems unbelievably daunting, so I’m doing only three chapters at a time. This way, I can re-read quickly to check pacing and plot. Also, I’m using shorter paragraphs. I understand many contemporary readers prefer this — maybe I will, too.

A friend commented she wasn’t sure about Science Fiction Romance. I’d like to think categories aren’t necessary, but they happen. For now, I’ll just move ahead with my particular style.

I’ll be adding photos of my artwork as soon as I figure out how to make it happen on a blog.

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