Science Fiction Romance

I’ve been researching agents. During this research, I realized something I’ve suspected for a while. I’m going to have to change from the science fiction genre to a sub-genre.

Science fiction romance. OK, OK, I know. But, think about the last time you were in a big bookstore. Waaaay in the back, behind the general fiction, science fiction and fantasy, urban fantasy and vampires, werewolves and westerns, graphic novels and classics, is the  romance section. There are hundreds, no, thousands of titles. Before you scoff, remember one thing. There is excellent writing here, and these folks made it into the published land.

I’m not a hard science fiction writer. I’ve read hard science fiction from Haldeman to Heinlein , from Bujold to Moon — and back.  I know my way around a fighting suit.  Military science fiction is my favorite and, as a writer, you don’t get much harder than that. So, agents for Ace, Baen, or Eos probably won’t hear from me.

I’m now a part of a sub-genre. My setting is galactic, but the main story is adventure and romance.  In a way, it’s a relief to know the path of your literary orbit.

And it helps when you’re looking for an agent.

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