I wish there were more letters in the alphabet. A to Z  Blogging Challenge keep me writing every day. It gave me a chance to flex my wings, and I want to keep the momentum.

So, my gentle goals for May, 2013 are as follows: the-rise-my-new-flickr-friend-camera-truth_l

1. I will blog once a week, Sunday night.

2. Nightly, I’ll continue working on first chapters for several novel ideas (just to see if anything grabs me), and I’ll be more open to panster style. Maybe a rigid outline isn’t what I need now. Luring my muse out of hiding is crucial and, if I have to give up obsessive control of my words to find him again, I’ll do it!

3. I’ll search for more firsthand information and advice from published authors. So far, two wonderful ladies, Tina and Gayle, have shared their experiences on the way to the published land. Nothing takes the place of the thoughts of those who did it. (I’ll add their last names and book titles when I get permission from these great gals.)

4. Two queries a week will leave this house, no matter what. It surprises me how difficult it is to push the button on your query letter or print out the packet for snail mail agents.  Arrgh!

5. My quest for information about the pros and cons of self-publishing continues.

6. Daily, I’ll send thoughts of thanks to my husband, Rick, my great fan, Georgie, my beta reader, and Lynette, my critique partner, for their honest, intelligent feedback.

And, I haven’t forgotten that Spring is coming, and I’ll be outside, getting dirty, planting, or just basking in the beautiful Colorado sun.

So, what are your gentle goals for May?

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11 thoughts on “FLEXING MY WINGS in MAY”

  1. Muses can be incredibly stubborn sometimes. I think they’re like cats; you can’t call them or demand their attention. Instead you have to put your back to them and wait patiently until they decide to grace you with their presence. I’ve found outlines don’t do much for me either, so if I’m having trouble (either with a particular piece or in general) I try to sit back and wait for the muse to come to me.

    1. My muse is like a cat. He doesn’t want to be held; he wants affection on his own terms. OK, muse – until you show up I’ll write anyway! So there!

  2. I also found the challenge got me writing every day and hope to continue it. I’m setting a routine to my blogging of three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I’m also going to be working on book two of the series. This should keep me going 🙂

    I think sitting down and attempting to pants is a great idea if planning isn’t working for you right now. You never know what will flow if you sit down and just start typing. Good luck!

  3. I love the idea of ‘gentle’ goals! I’m pretty driven when I take stuff on, so goals only make me even more crazy.
    But I am on the home stretch of the HTRYN course, and it would be great to finish it this month. If I can get a few decent blog posts up that would make me happy too. 🙂
    I’ll look forward to your Sunday night posts, and I agree with your other commenters–Muses are definitely related to cats. A little gourmet cat food (or chocolate in the case of my Muse) can bring them out of hiding!

    1. Congrats on HTRYN progress! The closer you get to the end, the better you feel. It is an awesome accomplishment.

      See you Sunday night!

  4. On Flexing my wings– What is Panster style? Perhaps Panther style? Why don’t they make computers that automatically correct spelling for us? At least you have a writing goal. I just float through each day, aimless but content. My friend, Ann brought an editor over to the house and handed her a folder of my “stuff” this week. Heaven knows what will happen to it, but I hope I get some helpful suggestions from her that will encourage me to write regularly and with some focus. I’m not actually sure what was in the folder and I don’t have have a copy of the contents, but what the heck! Someone is reading my stuff!!5, 2013, at 9:01 PM, Nancy H. Doyle wrote:

    > >

  5. Hi Mom, A panster is a writer who flies by the seat of her/his pants. No outline, sometimes no plot, just a good scene. Where the scene takes you is anybody’s guess. That discovery is the joy of panstering (there’s a word for you!)

    And then there are the outliners like me. I know the first line and the last line of the piece. I plan, outline, do character sketches, figure out what, when, where, and why. Even so, I get stuck in the middle just like everyone else.

    Glad Ann brought her editor friend over. Your stuff is wonderful, and it deserves reading and comments! Love you, baby.

  6. Good luck with the gentle goals, maybe that’s what we should call goals in general so they don’t seem as scary! My goal is to ‘gently; ease myself into revision and finish it no excuses. I’ll be back with the muse for the home stretch on Monday, which is exciting and a little bit scary because you know how it is…maybe I don’t know what I’m doing anymore! But as you said, gentle goals, gentle. Maybe I’ll start with just sitting at the desk 😉 Enjoy the freedom and lack of outline! xx

    1. Your fingers will remember when they hit the keys. And they’ll drag your brain along for the ride. Getting back in the saddle with a revision might be easier than you think. The reward of finishing your novel will lure you along, slowly and easily.:)

  7. A to Z got me into blogging last year, so I did it again this year to restart after a few months off. I like the challenge it provides–it keeps me motivated. Now I need “gentler” goals, too. The garden, warm weather, and a stack of books are all waiting for me to finish this Blog Every Day in May Challenge which followed the A to Z. I am NOT doing a June challenge. Thanks for your positive support for my blog. I appreciate it. I will follow your model and WRITE my goals out.

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