Query Quandry

mail-message-new-thJust a quick note on my progress toward agent land.

I must tell you all writing a query letter lives up to its reputation as your ultimate creation. For a year now, I’ve collected information about writing  killer query letters, the warnings, the cautions, and the thrills and chills. OMG. It’s all true.

The first draft query I wrote was tight. Spare. Humorless. Precise. Just enough information.

The second was loose, descriptive, and sassy. Too much confusing information.

I’ve tried combining them and, finally, I’ve come up with a good letter. My muse, that bad boy, was hiding, thumbing his nose at me but I finally cornered him – with the help of sister writers.

So, this week my first query letter hits the Internet. This is scary stuff, scary and exciting. A friend of mine was kind enough to share her agent list with me and, if you’ve ever complied such a list, you know what a fantastic gift that is. Because of the tiny genre I’ve chosen, I’ve narrowed the agents down a bit. Science-fiction, romantic science-fiction, just for fun science-fiction has a limited group of agents. However, they do exist.

Now I have to contact them, steady my resolve, and press the send button.

Rejections are inevitable, and the first  rejections are akin to waiting for the first dent in the door of your new car. Once it finally happens, it’s a relief. And, yes, I know I shouldn’t be negative about this process, but I am a realist. This will take time.  While I wait, I’ll bask in the glow and feel good about completing my first novel. Most folks who start never finish. But I did.

How many dents in your new car?1206561194340298058Chrisdesign_Future_car_svg_thumb

6 thoughts on “Query Quandry”

  1. This is awesome news! I’m holding my breath with you. (I would cross my fingers, but I’m busy typing! ;))
    As for dents, I’ve had a few dings from critiques, but these were easy to pound out and Bondo in revisions. I’m still quaking at the thought of sending this thing out into the real world!
    Here’s hoping you bring this sleek race car across the finish line unscathed. 😉

  2. Congratulations! You finished a novel!! Those of us who are waste-basket writers congratulate you! As a Mom, I am full of love and confidence !!

  3. Wow you’ve been busy, congrats on having a shiny revised manuscript to submit to the universe – exciting stuff! Look forward to hearing about this part of your writing journey!

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