The Cure for Shopping

This is the first of a series of blogs that have nothing whatsoever to do with fiction writing.

I had a really weird moment in Bed, Bath and Beyond today. BBB

I remembered the cure for shopping.

The moment I stepped inside I had a flashback to Sembach AB (air base) in Germany. I spent a year there, working as a cocktail waitress in an NCO club. (Quite a story in itself!) We had a small commissary on base but that was it. If you wanted anything bigger you went to Ramstein  PX which specialized in solid gold watches and gigantic music delivery systems – stereos (I hear turntables are back in now) with speakers the size of Volkswagens. Finding necessities was a challenge and, eventually, I quit shopping altogether. We ate on base, and I  wore a club uniform. No need to buy anything. Talk about a cure for shopping.

Then we came back to the States. Wow. Stores, groceries, clothes! I spent all the money I saved in Germany in a few months.

Today, after nearly two years of being unable to make it through any store bigger than a Walgreens, I stood at the entrance of housewares heaven, suspended between then and now. I felt, for a moment, as if I’d just returned from a stint overseas. Everything looked so strange and alien, but so wonderful. I took the first steps in shopping recovery today, wandering down the aisles, gawking at the insane bounty of an American store.

Now I just have to remember the cure for shopping – don’t do it too often.

What is your cure for shopping?

Oh, yeah. Revision is still in progress. Plot holes and opportunities for literary greatness abound.

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