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Welcome to ISWG for September 4, 2013. Any writer who experiences moments of insecurity can join us on this wonderful site by clicking the link.

Lately, I find myself obsessing about the same question. I’ll keep this rant short, I promise. 1194986475730032167air_stefan_bazelkov_01.svg.thumb

What’s up with traditional agents? After you’ve sent in 10, 50, 100+ queries without success, what’s next? Rejection notices used to mean your book wasn’t any good or you hit the wrong person on the wrong day. We’ve all heard the stories about Stephen King and J.K. Rowling sending out a multitude of queries. But, that was then, before a deluge of novels, short stories, and poems flooded the internet. Yes, you can rewrite your query letter and synopsis and start all over again with the same agents, many of whom don’t even acknowledge your query if they aren’t interested. (Some of the nicer ones warn you of this possibility beforehand.) Yes, I know these poor folks are swamped by submissions but what’s a writer to do?

You become desperate and load your novel up on Amazon where it disappears into the void of zillions of self-published e-books.

Then what? Massive tweets? Major Facebook pressure on all your followers? Carefully crafted platform (fancy word for attractive blog – right?). Thousands of folks want to sell your their marketing secrets for publishing and that’s fine, but I hope there’s a systematic process for publishing evolving from all this mess.

I know I’m not the first person to wonder about the possibility of a completely digital publishing house; people who read your query, respond no or yes, edit your manuscript if necessary and load it on their site.  So far, I’ve found only one reputable site. Elora’s Cave. They specialize in Romance, from sweet and innocent to extremely steamy. They are very specific about what they want, offering clear guidelines to one and all.  If they accept your manuscript, they present it to their customers for a few days and then you’re on your own. Back to lone wolf marketing.

11954241201556281584tomas_arad_heart.svg.thumbBut, what if you aren’t a Romance writer? Are there other digital publishing sites out there?

How can we make marketing a good thing instead of a mysterious burden? There, I’m done. Whew. I feel better already. Sort of.

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