Y’all come back now.

Y – You can tell it’s spring in Colorado. One day it’s 78 degrees, the next day it’s snowing. So, automatically, my thoughts drift to the beach. I love the mountains – I do. But, there is nothing warmer or more comforting than the ocean. Particularly the beautiful shores of North Carolina. Several years ago my husband and I travelled to Atlantic Beach  to spend a week with my mother, brother and sister-in-law. 267317_258012604226721_2408210_n[2]We rented the first floor of a gracious house on the beach, walked for miles on the hard sand, played in the water, ate chicken sandwiches and drank warm beer. Above us undulating ribbons of pelicans patrolled the waves.

Only problem was, it was August. If you know the South, you understand only crazy tourists go to the beach in August. It was hotter than a piece of chicken frying in the pan. Fortunately, we had an offshore breeze most days but, still, OMG. That didn’t stop us. We went on an early morning see-the-dolphins charter from which the slippery mammals were conspicuously absent. The guide later informed us dolphins head for colder water in August. Somewhere the dolphins were laughing at us.

We toured historic Beaufort, NC, home of the notorious pirate, Black Beard. Beaufort has a wonderful museum full of recovered pirate artifacts, maps, weapons, and other Jack Sparrowish items. We slurped melted ice cream and plodded the tourist route through town.  My husband gallantly squired Mom around, steadying her during moments of fatigue or dizziness – his own. Mom soldiered through the day until about 2:00pm. She was like a dolphin, seeking the safety of cool surroundings. She stayed inside basking in the AC while we lubed up with spf  50+ and headed out,  determined to enjoy the ocean. Heat notwithstanding.

That night we watched UFOs rise in the sky and, for a few moments, we believed – until we realized the bright darting lights were probably maneuvers from Seymour Johnson AFB or Cherrypoint.

So, in spite of disappearing dolphins and false UFO sightings, we had a wonderful time. And, when our hosts said, “Y’all come back now,” I thought to myself, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

stars-thWhere do you go when you’ve had enough of winter?

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