BE NICE…Advice from Roadhouse

Happy New Year!

Christmas 2014 was the best Christmas for our little family in a while. Finally, the chaos of the last few years receded noticeably, washing us up on happier shores. Mother nature graced us with a white Christmas. Things were glittery, fragrant, comforting. We smiled a lot. Held hands. Toasted one another in restaurants. Shopped, read, played games. fireworks 2A delightful holiday buzz permeated the house and, when the time finally came, I didn’t want to take the tree down, put away the ornaments, or turn out the lights.

In honor of our wonderful festive week I decided to make a SINGLE New Year’s resolution and that is: Be Nice. Be nice to myself.

The moment Be Nice wriggled to the surface of my brain, Patrick Swayze’s speech in the best B-movie ever, Roadhouse, lit up my synapses. RoadhouseWho knew a cooler’s advice to his bouncers  made such an impression on me? I revisited his classic lesson on the following blog: How Do You Handle Angry Customers? Patrick Swayze Style! This link contains great advice about dealing with anger and providing good customer service. However,  it also works on a personal level when doing battle with powerful insecurities about writing or anything else.

So, here it is – tailored for the individual:

Picture yourself in a rowdy bar filled with your personal demons. No, you can’t party with them because while some of them may be attractive, they are not your friends.  (Actually, this isn’t a bad premise for a story…)

Patrick, RIP, is your very own mental bouncer, and he tells you how to kick these monsters to the curb…

  • Never underestimate your opponent; always expect the unexpected. (Your thoughts can manifest themselves in any form so be ready to deal with negative emotions and accept them without judgement. Ask for help if you need to.)
  • Never start anything inside the bar. (Don’t let your insecurities take over your thoughts. Take a break and step away. Ask for help. Your friends will help and encourage you.)
  • Be Nice. (To yourself.)

He continues on in graphic detail, of course, but you get the idea. Being nice is better…usually.

So,  what are you doing this year to be nice to yourself?


Thanks, BS, for the inspiration for this blog.

(Warning: Rating on Roadhouse is R.)




12 thoughts on “BE NICE…Advice from Roadhouse”

  1. Yes, sleep deprivation has been a big problem for me, hence the serene silence over at A Scenic Route. It’s good to see you here in the New Year though, and I’m glad to know that you and yours had a wonderful holiday!
    I haven’t seen Roadhouse yet, but it sounds like the perfect diversion during a long snowy night. 🙂

  2. I love that film, I was always fascinated by the ranking system that made Swayze’s character the second best bouncer in America (so therefore the world). I know I read too much into these things…that reminds me of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure where in the future they all had the mantra ‘be excellent to each other’, cheesy films can teach us so much.

    1. One of these days I’d like to do a blog devoted to the lessons of B movies. Honestly, sometimes they have a lot more to say than the big budget stuff…

      1. Yes please do, I have a bunch of half done posts for a film week at some point, perhaps I will get my act together one day. We will have to watch loads of films as research yay!

  3. I am going to stop trying to please people who don’t notice or appreciate my work. Instead, I am going to work harder at my own creative goals. In other words, stop wasting time and talent.

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