Great Galactic Couples

11954241201556281584tomas_arad_heart.svg.thumbAs I approach the most important scene in revision, the moment my two lovers meet for the first time, I’ve been thinking about my favorite SFR novels. They span decades, their styles are different, their characters unique, but they all have one thing in common. L.O.V.E. At first sight. Pretty much.

In preparation for this scene, I read through my male character sketch and I found the following:

“Who can explain the nature of attraction? The philosophers promise it is a gift of mystery, the devotees preach it is the will of the gods, the cynics sneer it is an accident of timing. Until Naomi appeared in my life, I never thought about these questions. Now I cannot stop asking them.”

So, here are a couple of early SFRs that explore the nature of attraction. If you haven’t read them, you’ll find they stand the test of time.

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman51JF1gGjMgL._AA160_

Written in the early 1970s , The Forever War is an evolution of Starship Troopers, without Heinlein’s not-so-thinly veiled sexism. Haldeman’s love story is military science fiction set in a grim universe, but his draftee characters, William Mandella and Marygay Potter manage to triumph over the ruthless barriers of time and space. Haldeman’s irony and humor make this a true classic.


Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold

51eiH-Rv2oL._AA160_On a routine survey mission astrocartographer Captain Cordelia Naismith is taken prisoner by Lord Aral Vorkosigan, leader of a merciless expeditionary force. In spite of  their strongly opposing politics  and profound culture clash, Aral  is immediately intrigued with his serene and wise captive. And the feeling is mutual.Cordelia’s compassion and intelligence tempers Aral’s hunger for power and tormented nature seamlessly.  Bujold frames their unlikely romance with her truly remarkable world-building.

So, you tell me. What inspires attraction? Who are your favorite galactic couples?


Check out for the 5 Books I re-read over and over.   Thanks for the inspiration for this blog, Taylor.

Also, J. C. has a wonderful post about what happens when we fall in love – Love Science. Amazing stuff!

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9 thoughts on “Great Galactic Couples”

  1. Sira and Jason from A Thousand Words for Stranger were a complex pairing with lots of mistrust and denial, which reminds me I need to get the rest of that series.

  2. I am doing a meditation online concerning the Universal Law of Attraction. The basis is a belief in the power of knowing your true self and feeling worthy of the desires within. If a person desires completeness through success, wealth, love, etc. and the being understands the responsibility attached to receiving their desires, it will happen (although, you can’t expect instant gratification).

  3. Funny how we’re thinking on the same lines lately, Terri! Thankyou for your counsel and CDs.

    Also, one thing about the characters in the novel I’m writing…they are mature and they know themselves. Although they don’t search for love, they are able to recognize it when it appears.

  4. Clearly I need to expand my reading because I wracked my brain all day, and much as I love scifi, I couldn’t come up with another cosmic couple! I loved Shards of Honor though. 🙂
    Perhaps we need more romantic scifi stories? 😉
    (And your male lead’s musings have me dying to read more about him!)

    1. It’s great that you read Shards. We absolutely need more SFR. There are many more contemporary titles, but I haven’t found much recently that made a dent on my heart like these novels. Thanks for the comment on my male lead…he’s typical of my word men…conflicted and fascinating. When I’m writing him he constantly amazes me. Must be love:)

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