Armed star-gazer in Elkland

2014-10-12 07.54.36Last Friday was a big birthday so we took a couple of days off and visited Estes Park, Colorado…just up the hill from our town. When you make your home in a tourist destination state it’s easy to let everyday life distract you, so it was fun being part of a tourist weekend. People were everywhere, visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and watching the last of the aspen leaves swirl from the trees. From a polite distance, crowds observed the yearly mating dance of the elk who reclaim their grazing rights among the buildings, parks, and golf courses of Estes Park. It’s a wonderful live-and-let-love tradition in town. I’ve enclosed a few photos.  To the left is the royal male himself, munching on grass in the Safeway parking lot.

To the right the former King of Elkland reclines in the sun by the soccer nets.2014-10-11 15.51.53 The cows grazed around aimlessly but, occasionally, I swear I saw one of the gals wink enticingly at the young King.

In any case, we had a good time, ate too much and went  off the grid.

During the day we also scouted out places to star gaze  in RMNP.  I wanted to see the Milky Way in its glory, but even though the weather didn’t co-operate, my husband was ready. At the beginning of our trip, as I searched through the center console of his pickup  for my camera, the unmistakable glint of a twenty-two winked up at me.

He grinned and shrugged. “Can’t go up in the hills at night without protection. Just think of me as your armed star-gazer.”

I whipped out my spiral notebook. “Do you mind if  I use that for the title of my next novel?”

He just smiled.

Where do the titles of your stories, blogs, or novels come from?

10 thoughts on “Armed star-gazer in Elkland”

  1. Titles are always a big problem, as is the naming of characters…I tend to sit there stressing for ages and then attack a thesaurus in a haphazard way and hope something comes to mind…if something half decent does i will it to be right and eventually my beaten and bruised mind agrees.

    1. It’s just the opposite for me. Character names and titles appear everywhere. Then it’s the tedious struggle to create a plot to fit my wonderful characters and their lives.

  2. Happy Birthday, Nancy! Those big ones can be tough, but nothing like a little star gazing to put things in perspective, right?
    I didn’t know that elk roamed free all over Estes Park! Amazing. I can’t imagine coming across one of these big guys on my way to pick up a gallon of milk. I guess that’s where the armed star gazer comes in. 🙂 (Love that title!)
    As for titles, well, that’s the Muse’s territory. I just write and write, and once in a while that little voice chimes in– ‘this’, it says, and ‘this’, and presto! A title. 🙂
    For the times when nothing emerges I’ll put a mediocre title up just to get the Muse irritated. That usually does the trick, and he comes up with something more presentable.

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