Linear Plotting into Infinity

2014-08-06 17.58.08Update: I’m still here, blogging friends. Life washed me up on its shores, battered but happy and alive. One tremendous hurdle is receding in the distance; yet another one looms. But…it’s all extremely good and, since I feel like writing for the first time in weeks, I’m blogging instead of creating my revision outline:)

Linear thinking is my thing. Point A to Point Z, straight ahead, no wandering around, no getting lost. TripAdvisor, Google Earth, or a good old map are my guideposts. When I’m plotting, I draw lines. Straight lines. Rigid as it seems, I don’t vary much once I get my ideas down on paper. But, tonight, I have to admit, I’m stalling a bit. Right now, drawing seems more fun. I just may have to buy a real whiteboard!11970909911651569759jcartier_Pencil_svg_thumb

Do you create your plot in 2D or 3D? Tell me how you do it – maybe I’ll try something new.

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