Make Yourself Smile

It’s almost the first Wednesday of the month again.

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This is a safe and wonderful place to air your fears and triumphs as you write your way through life.

I’m making a real effort not to sniffle and whine about the fact that my first-draft has rolled to an abrupt halt at 30,000 words. So, with that in mind, I searched for things to make me smile.

I stumbled across on my Facebook page and it reminded me of my old cartooning days. (Long ago, in a life far, far away.) Plus, it’s a great commentary on creativity – or lack thereof.

Incidental ComicsThe artist, Grant Snider, pencils creativity in a humorous and light-hearted comic art format. His most recent is The Three Rays wherein the frustrated writer laments his lame attempts at writing, asks the muse for a ray of hope and, voila, Raymond Carver, Raymond Chandler, and Ray Bradbury appear!

Check out Grant’s take on the Muse.

 How do you get a laugh out of writing?

(Now, if I could only take my own advice!)

12 thoughts on “Make Yourself Smile”

  1. When I reread some of the freewriting I do in morning words I often laugh out loud at the snide comments my muse makes about the various projects I have going–basically, I’m making fun of myself! For some reason admitting my fears and self doubt this way takes the pressure off. 🙂

    I hope your draft pulls out of the station and gets back on track!

    1. I may have to FIRE my surly muse and recruit a new one before this train rolls down the track. Oh well, inspiration lurks just around the corner, and I’ll keep looking for new ways to snag it:)

  2. I long ago gave myself permission to write comedy, on the basis that no one would read it whether I wrote seriously or not. I have far more fun now.

  3. I’m stuck at 75K. Last fall I was stuck at 33K, then there was this rush… until I stopped dead in my tracks again.

    Oh well, we’ve climbed bigger obstacles, right! We’ll get over this lump, i mean hump.

    Happy IWSG day!

  4. I need to laugh at myself more. My roommate who also writes is always laughing out loud, and I’m like what are you laughing about, and she says “One of my characters.”. I keep thinking that it is not fair my characters don’t make me laugh like that. @@ LOL I think I need to have a talk with my characters. I laugh at my crazy self I guess when I post stuff like this.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    Juneta at Writer’s Gambit IWSG post

    1. Sometimes when I’m reading a scene out loud, my characters make my critique partner and me laugh! What a great feeling. Yes, have a talk with your characters for sure. They may surprise you with their humor:)

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