Be Fearless

It’s the first Wednesday again. Welcome to Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Check us out at IWSG. This is a safe and wonderful place to air your fears and triumphs as you write your way to fame.

bokeh-kiss_lWow! It’s 2014. No resolutions, just a promise to allow myself to write well, be fearless, and stay grateful.

What’s your promise to yourself?

Happy New Year!

11 thoughts on “Be Fearless”

  1. I promise to be an already better person who has experiences, writes a shed load, reads even more and also gets around the blog world more…and also to make lots of lists.

  2. To keep the joy in my writing!
    And also to read more. Last year according to my list at Library Thing, I read only twelve books. Twelve! *shock* If that’s true, it’s shameful. They were great books though (Ann Patchett, Phillipa Gregory, Thomas Mullen, Cormac McCarthy 🙂 )
    I’m hoping I can bump that up to at least thirty books this year.

    1. I’ve talked a lot lately with my critique partner and my husband, my valiant beta-listener, about keeping the joy in my writing. For me, its too easy to get snarled up in how-will-I-ever-publish? rant. That takes the joy out of writing – so, too hell with it. I want to tell a story and if others ever read it, that’s even better.

      My reading list isn’t long. Between home-life, work, and writing I figure I read one book a month. Yikes. But, like you, awesome authors. Thirty books sounds good, but I’ll settle for twenty!

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