Swamp of the Unknown

Update. Word count on my WIP brings me about one-third of the way.


Since I’m plodding through the swamp of the unknown (no outline) in this novel, I think my progress is adequate. Of course, I wish I was ready for revision, but I’d also wish I was reclining on a beach in the Bahamas drinking a Corona with lime. Can’t have it all, eh?

What are you wishing for?  How are you progressing with your novel? l-and-l-web

Disco Inferno

Just a bit of complaining about the little things in life that get in the way of writing.

postcard-couple-kissing-with-surgical-masks-b40c4-b-w (1)We’re emerging from two weeks of mind numbing illnesses at our house. My poor Rick, who is a strong and manly-man, came down with the full-blown influenza, the Swine Special, a freight train of a virus that roars through your system with the fury of a hurricane . (Of course we got shots!) For some reason the flu is raging out here. So, if you’re in Colorado, cover your mouth when you cough and wash your hands – a lot.

And then, a few days ago, my lower back exploded. A herniated disc. God, who gets those? Me apparently.  Hurts like hell, but I’m on my feet – most of the time.

Hence the title of this blog. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.disco-inferno-2

Needless to say, my WIP is limping along, no pun intended. However, for the first time in days I am able to sit down at the computer, outline a scene, and claw my way back into wordland.

So, what’s the writing holdup at your house these days? 

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Be Fearless

It’s the first Wednesday again. Welcome to Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Check us out at IWSG. This is a safe and wonderful place to air your fears and triumphs as you write your way to fame.

bokeh-kiss_lWow! It’s 2014. No resolutions, just a promise to allow myself to write well, be fearless, and stay grateful.

What’s your promise to yourself?

Happy New Year!

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