Happy Kindle Accident

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kindleMy Kindle, The Fabulous Time Waster, Decimator of Concentration, Piddler Away of Hours, and Anti-butt-in-chair device, has lost its network connectivety. Boom! Gone! No more Netflix with its sexy serial killers and drug slinging high school chemistry teachers. Of course, sooner or later I’ll have to restart my router or figure this out, but I’m not going to do that for a while.

This is a sign. Time to create.

I have written but not enough. I have searched for the illusive middle of my novel but not consistently. I have not been reading enough. I have been, you guessed it, spellbound by other people’s stuff. It is so easy to be entertained and so addictive.

All this adds up to more insecurity about writing and results in worrying and obsessing – my favorite pastime:)baby-black-hole-nasa-chandra-06-15-11

Have you had to detox yourself from the black hole of your devices? How did that work for you?

13 thoughts on “Happy Kindle Accident”

  1. This is so funny- I swear I’ve already written and scheduled my IWSG post, but it seems we both had Kindles on our mind.
    But as far as devices, I don’t have very many. Just a laptop and an iPod. No smartphone, no Xbox, no cable in fact. Now that I’m writing a lot, I’ve lost all interest in them actually! And, as you’ll see from my post, that worries me too–I’m afraid I might be getting somewhat out of touch.

    1. I did cycle the modem and router (yank the plug and replug), as the cable people recommended and, low-and-behold, all devices are working again. Maybe not a good thing. My writing has suffered in the last month, so I’m setting a goal of three more chapters by Christmas. Get the behind me, devices!

  2. I have a desktop with so-so connectivity and a laptop that’s much better. I have a Galaxie cell but still don’t know how to use it (purchased in August). I rarely watch television. I am chained to my laptop. I don’t make enough time to read. I have no other toys.

    Disconnecting from blogging worries me because I’ll never catch up. I had the flu once and was so overwhelmed when better, I don’t want to experience that again. Also, I am retired. Where the heck does my day go?

    1. Yes, I do know the feeling of oh-no, how will I ever catch up on blogs? I worked hard to find you guys, and I don’t want to lose you! But, for whatever reason, time seems to be accelerating, and my life is full of day-to-day distractions – like my part-time day job, filling out mountains of paperwork for various health care issues, and waiting on the phone for hours to speak with call center folks. So, yeah. I hear you:)

    1. I’ve managed to control the Kindle monster, somewhat. Instead of cold-turkey on devices, I’m going warm-turkey. Wait, here’s an idea! For every hour I spent dinking with the internet, I work on my novel for an hour – or not:)

  3. I’m late to get here (but I made it!) but you’re right. My crux is Facebook and Youtube. I never thought I’d be that guy. It is a daily struggle indeed!
    Happy late IWSG!

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