Jacey Bedford

Wordle is meant to be word art, but it’s brilliant for identifying overused words. That’s not it’s primary purpose, of course, but since the most frequently used words come out larger in the resulting graphic, that’s certainly what it can be used for. I’ve been loading in my work in progress one chapter at a time (yes, it happily eats 5,000 words without burping) and finding that my most frequently used words are (surprisingly) back and (unsurprisingly) get, got, head and like. That’s in addition to the words I expected to come up, such as character names, of course.

I’m a bit annoyed with myself for the gets and the gots, but glad to have caught them at this stage.

So I’ve been checking my overusage and inserting a few substitutes where I can.

Thanks, Wordle. You’ve saved me much writerly embarrassment.


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