What’s in Your Go-Bag?

What’s with all the natural disasters lately? Regardless of the explanations and opinions on the origins of these natural catastrophes, they continue.

dancingflamesSummer before last it was the High Park Fire in Northern Colorado – about twenty-five miles from our house its towers of smoke plainly visible and breathable for over a month.

Then, about six weeks ago a huge flood roared down the Big Thompson Canyon fifteen miles west of us. It destroyed the highway all the way from the Rocky Mountain city of Estes Park, CO and spilled out onto the Front Range for miles, reaping destruction in many cities. tropical storm 1

Finally,  the tornado that blew through Washington and Pekin, IL today (near the homes of my step-daughters and their families) made me decide to post this blog.

storm-sirensDuring the flood this summer I started wondering about something as survivors climbed from rescue Chinook helicopters. A range of different expressions played across their faces  – deer-in-the-headlights, broad grins, stunned and stoic. But, they all had one thing in common – a single small, really small, suitcase or pack.

What was in those grab-it-and-go-or-we’re-leaving-without-you bags?

What would you put in your go-bag?

Photos from Foter

Happy news update: Our families in IL are unhurt and our fantastic local paving company is repairing hi-way 34 all the way up Big Thompson to Estes Park. Just in time for Christmas!

13 thoughts on “What’s in Your Go-Bag?”

  1. Wow, I’m so glad your family is OK. For sure, I’d grab my family photos and computer. After that, it’s just stuff. The wind was horrid here for a few minutes today. I heard about the Illinois tornado warning shortly afterwards. Today day is a good day to reflect on gratitude and second chances.

    1. Thanks, Terri.
      In spite of all the Mother Nature stuff, we do feel fortunate. I haven’t talked to the girls yet, but I’ve seen them on facebook. The amazing thing was within an hour of the tornado passing through Washington, someone set up a facebook page for survivor check-in, emergency shelters, police warnings, and pet rescue!

  2. I’m glad your family is unhurt. It must have been a worrying time.

    There have been so many terrible destructive disasters in recent years and it’s so very difficult to see from afar.

    My grab and go? I suppose a couple of changes of practical clothes with clean underwear and several ready charged phones so lines of communication were always open and I wasn’t worried about a battery failing. I could just swap the sim into the next phone.

    1. Hi Rebecca, Yes we’ve had our share of horrid events here, but it could be much worse – like the Philippines. If I had just a few minutes to pack I’d take an ipod (phone and photos), external hard drive, chargers. Duracell sent a truck loaded with battery operated chargers into Washington (power was down) so folks could hook up and call their loved ones.

  3. Glad your family is safe.
    So many disasters all at once.
    I couldn’t fit into a small bag, or even a large one, what I would want to grab: my books, laptop and my cat. The books would require a moving van and it would break my heart to leave them behind out of necessity.

  4. Strangely enough, even though it’s backed up off-site, my first thought was that I can’t go anywhere without my laptop!
    We’re reading about way too many natural disasters these days, it seems. I’m glad to hear everyone you know in Illinois is safe. 🙂

    1. Me, too. I’ve become a cyber-slave. I think it has a lot to do with writing a novel. My book is my baby and I wouldn’t leave it behind any more than I’d leave sweet husband, dog, or cat! (They’d be hard to fit in the go-bag, however.) Besides, my surly muse lives in the hard-drive and I certainly couldn’t desert him:)

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