Dreaded and Adored


Join me as a guest  at rebeccabradleycrime. Rebecca graciously included me in her series, What’s Your First Draft Like?, where writers share the secrets of the dreaded and adored first draft.  The first draft is something all writers, published or unpublished, famous or unknown, have in common.  We learn what makes our story real, word by word.

This is how I did it. The first time around, anyway.

How do you wrangle your first draft?


2 thoughts on “Dreaded and Adored”

  1. First draft is like learning to fly for me, always looking to become airborne, not always succeeding! Revision might be like discovering the theory behind aviation, and building the wings properly …

    Nice post over at Rebecca Bradley!

    1. Thanks, Kirsten
      At this point in time, I can really relate to the not always succeeding part of first draft. It comforts me, though, to know I’m not alone and that time and patience moves first drafters forward.:)

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