Dawn Mosquitoes are Swarming


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As usual, I need help.

I’m still struggling with the synopsis for my second novel. I won’t start writing before I know where the heck I’m going. Honestly, I never thought my idea would collapse in the middle. Something is wrong. If my synopsis doesn’t start coming together, I may have to spend some time at the thirst aid center in Leadville, CO.

Does it really matter if my plot smacks of Indian Jones and Jake Sully twisted up in a mangled mash up of adventure? Three weeks ago, when I created the outline, I loved it. It felt right, comfortable, tellable. Like a plunge into cool water, or maybe a stroll in the early morning grass. Except, I forgot about the dawn mosquitoes,  the half-baked, hackneyed plot suckers.

So, what in heck’s the problem? We all know there is a finite number of plot templates. Right? Seven seems a popular number, but the exact amount is discussed ad infinitum on the internet if you’re interested.

  1. [wo]man vs. nature
  2. [wo]man vs. man
  3. [wo]man vs. the environment
  4. [wo]man vs. machines/technology
  5. [wo]man vs. the supernatural
  6. [wo]man vs. self
  7. [wo]man vs. god/religion

That about covers it.

As humans, I think our basic needs and desires predetermine the threads of our thoughts. Isn’t it  only the particular manner of telling a story that makes the difference? So obvious. But not so easy. Why is this so hard?? What am I missing?! Should I can my original idea? How about zapping my two wonderful new characters? Am I lacking conflict? Honestly, I don’t know what to do.

Enough whining. I’m heading for The Manhattan Bar:)


9 thoughts on “Dawn Mosquitoes are Swarming”

  1. A Thirst Aid Center? How cool is that! I would have to go just to say I’ve been there. 🙂

    I think you might be having some pre-story jitters. According to some experts, it’s perfectly okay to start writing with a less than complete outline, because often things change in the course of the story anyway.
    I understand your concerns about not writing a messy story this time around, but I think I bit of untidiness might be part of the process. Art is messy sometimes!
    Skills I’ve learned in revision of the first story have served me well in the writing of this next one, and I dare say helped me avoid a few missteps along the way. There are certainly still problems, but I’m actually looking forward to fixing them in revision!
    Go forth, and write.
    But first, Thirst Aid … 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kirsten.
      My dithering is probably fear of jumping in. I don’t want to repeat the total chaos of last time, and I think I can do that but I have to start writing first. Art is messy and,as a painter, I should remember that!! Thanks for the push. I raise my virtual shot of tequila to you!

  2. I like that Thirst Aid place. Relax first. Take a deep breath and just go for it. Sounds you have most of the synopsis…it might work itself out. Of course you don’t want to waste time but a little time spent might be worth it?

    1. It’s probably a good idea The Manhattan is four hours away! I’ve allowed my nerves to get the better of me. Thanks for the support. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. LOL – I think a drink is in order.
    Give it some time. Things will work out. 😉

    August co-host and IWSG #110

  4. Wait wait wait. Have you actually WRITTEN the story yet? If not, I think you might want to think about writing the story first.

    I know it’s weird when you want to see the whole thing planned out in front of you. But unfortunately, some stories simply don’t happen that way.

    1. The story synopsis, such as it is, was completed a month ago. Then, I wrote the first chapter and the whole thing blew up. I’m going to brainstorm for a day or two, create more conflict for my characters, and start writing chapter two, letting the words fall where they may:)

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