gentaSome characters are hard to describe. Like the male POV in my second novel. Occasionally, I run into a person who defies my imagination. (A sign of a truly memorable individual.)  After an extensive written sketch of this scary guy, his habits, faults and very bad behavior, I still had only a blurred idea what he looked like.  So, at this point, I searched for a face that intrigued me. I typed in warrior and this  fantastic man appeared.

I‘ll write to this photo and morph him to life on paper.

I rarely use my cartooning skills any more, but sometimes I’ll draw these rare birds myself. There is nothing like the feeling when the perfect spirit rises from my pencil, fully formed and breathing. draft-5_l

For the strong natural locations in my novels I find scenes, download them, and use the visual information to create virtual descriptions. I add a vocabulary list to use while I’m describing these gorgeous places. I was fortunate to visit Bandelier National Monument, and now I’ll transport its beauty to another world. DSCN2098

And, yes, some of my folks and surroundings still come directly from my imagination. On a good day.

How do you mold your people and their habitats? From your keyboard or your pencil? From your dreams?

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