4 Good Legs

gallows humor


humor that treats serious, frightening, or painful subject matter in a light or satirical way

The last six months I’ve learned a lot about the expression gallows humor.

Honestly, I used to cringe when I heard folks joke about disability, disease, or disaster. It took me a while to understand this dubious humor was a way of whistling in the dark, of making the inconceivable manageable. (Of course, I’m not talking about sick or cruel comments.)
My dog Abbie and I are disabled. My problem is temporary, but hers is not. My current pain is intermittent, and her initial pain was incredible. I still have my leg, and hers is gone forever. blue-rng-paw-print-th
Recently, I took Abbie for a walk – for the first time since last November. My husband watched us from the window, ready to rush to our aid if necessary. When we hobbled in, he was smiling. When I asked him why, he said, “Woman with cane walks three-legged dog. Between you two, you have four good legs.”
I burst out laughing and kept laughing the rest of the night. The relief was amazing. Suddenly, my problem was moving into perspective. Finally, after months of suffering, I began to understand how lucky I am and how courageous our beautiful dog is. She sets an amazing example for everyone, and I can only attempt to emulate her good nature.
So, in spite of hardships, keep your head up, wag your tail, and lick someone’s face every time you get a chance!
How do you keep your sense of humor in tough times?
Photo by Foter
Art by Clkr

8 thoughts on “4 Good Legs”

  1. I once knew a dog with only three legs and she was the loveliest, happiest and liveliest little thing I’ve ever seen. Abbie sounds like she is adapting well and with a little time it will all become natural to her.

    I’m glad you’re doing better and the walk did you good – in both ways. I think humour can be underrated. You don’t see enough people laughing. But yes, I’ve used that kind of humour. It works and it helps. That’s why it continues to be. The bodies natural defence.

    Enjoy those walks x

  2. People sometimes wonder why I’m always laughing, but this is why! I think it is easier to face troubles with a light heart and a determination to succeed than to let them break you before you even start.
    I love this post! You and Abbie will prevail. 🙂 Our pets are a such wonderful inspiration when things are rough.

    1. Thanks, Kirsten . Rick, Abbie, and I carry on. Besides, I’m long past the time l can use this as a excuse not to write, so I have to smile and get moving. (I have my surly muse, Juan, breathing down my neck!)

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