Writing under the Super Moon

Finally, I thought of something. My next novel? I hope so.super-moon-2012-mount-hamilton-california_l At this point, I’ll take any idea I can get.

My surly muse touched me briefly and ran like hell. In the last two days, I’ve named my two main players and character sketched them using Scrivener. No mean accomplishment for an Insecure Writer and Scrivener fumbler.

The happiest person in this scenario is my patient husband who listens to my endless rants and wails about the wax and wane of creativity. Our literary strength ebbs and flows, whether we like it or not. I’m coming to grips with that now – sort of.

fly-me-to-the-supermoon-500th-photo_lSo, in the light of the Super Moon, I tentatively begin the insane dance of writing a novel again. I’ve posted my What I Learned Writing my First Novel paragraph near the monitor,  and I’m armed with the Mistakes I Won’t Make Again list.

What’s on your second novel list?

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6 thoughts on “Writing under the Super Moon”

  1. Any chance we’d get a peek at your ‘What I Learned Writing my First Novel ‘paragraph?
    My second novel was written before I got a chance to revise the first, so not much learned there other than spitting words onto the screen and creating more character mayhem! But now, post-revision, I’ve made Scrivener templates for characters, props and gimmicks and a template for scenes with my story Sentence right across the top of every one. I’m hoping that will keep my scattered Muse in line! 😉
    I love writing by moonlight. There’s something so primal about getting my angst onto the page while the moon creeps across the night sky.

  2. I’m glad an idea has started and is tentatively growing. My second novel keeps changing its mind on what it wants to be so I’m giving it some time out while I work on the edits of novel one. It’s not getting long though!

  3. There is a public community for people who use Scrivener on Google Plus. We have over 800 members. Because this is a public community, you can read the posts and comments even if you do not choose to join us.

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