Reach the Beach

OK. So I took a vacation. On the beach with white sand and an ocean of cold beer.

photo (2)I could not write another word, worry about another query letter, or fret about the total lack of inspiration for my next novel. I had to get away.

The beach is one of the most ingenious and beautiful time-wasting distractions ever discovered. Pull off your scuffed boots, shimmy out of those jeans and faded t-shirt, grab the flip-flops and the tacky red bikini (I wish!), and reach for a week of absolute non-creativity. Find the perfect summer read inspired by the name of your hotel – in my case, The Blockade RunnerGone With the Wind still works, by the way. Drink some sweet tea and savor key lime pie.

You have entered the Bob Marley Zone, where it’s ok to leave your cell phone behind in your room and linger under an umbrella drifting from alpha to beta in wave fueled meditation. It is hard to leave this self-induced state of sanity when your week is up but, sometimes, if you close your eyes and breathe deeply, you can still catch a whiff of the sea.

bikini-thHow do you reach your personal beach?

2 thoughts on “Reach the Beach”

  1. That sounds so lovely!
    Right now I’ll have to settle for my backyard, which is pretty peaceful but lacks that soothing ocean atmosphere. Bob Marley might have to fill in for that. 🙂

  2. I can hear the waves and feel the ocean breeze and smell the briny air! Thanks for taking me there.

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