Glittering Shores of Cyberspace

Next time you’re on the login page, look down between News and VIP. Press the Stat button and be amazed. This is the coolest live map I’ve seen in a while. It’s a digital Mercator projection of our WordPress world. It pinpoints when and where people are blogging, liking, and commenting using WordPress. For a while, just watch it.message-in-a-bottle-2_l Blogs float up from the expected places: Western Europe, UK, and the North Americas. It’s the rest of the world that fascinates me. Every once in a while, dots of light flash from Malaysia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India or Japan.

(Maybe I haven’t been watching closely enough, but so far I’ve seen nothing from Russia or China. North Korea remains ominously dark.)

Still, I love the thought someone is blogging while I’m watching, folks are shooting thoughts into the net, hoping someone will snatch their virtual message in a bottle from the glittering shores of cyberspace. Even if I never read their blogs I know, like the stars, other people are out there, expressing their hopes and fears, creativity and humor, dark places and light sides.

Somehow I feel connected, closer to my invisible sisters and brothers. Call me a Borg, but it comforts me watching the pulse of our collective intellect.

Why do you blog? Are you reaching out for contact?


Kraftwerck / / CC BY-NC-SA

2 thoughts on “Glittering Shores of Cyberspace”

  1. What a beautiful way to describe the world wide web! I will definitely have to check that out.
    When I get frustrated by the lack of honesty in our mass media I am encouraged to see the freedom that a blog gives to writers and observers of the world to approach the truth as they see it. This dialogue is truly a magical thing to behold!
    There are times I’m afraid to post things, but then I ask myself: Am I being honest? Does this feel important to me? If the answer is yes, I know that I owe it to myself as a writer to put it up there. If everyone could do that the world might be a better place.

    1. Thanks, Kirsten! Every time I log in to WordPress, I’m amazed at the variety and power of words. So, keep putting it out there.Sometimes it does take real courage, and other times it’s just plain fun. A writer’s honesty always benefits the readers and the world as a whole:)

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