S – OK, it’s getting to me. Have we been hurled into Winterfell? Where the heck is spring?

Yes, we need the moisture and we are thankful for the snow but come on, mother nature. Enough already. DSCN1381 - Copy

To celebrate our last snow of the winter (hopefully), I have created the world’s worst poem.

Snow falls to the ground,

making it hard to get around.

Snow falls in the ditch,

making tomorrow’s drive a b***h.


Is winter over  in your part of the world?

5 thoughts on “Snowarama”

  1. I sure hope all this late snow insulates some areas from wildfires. We will be celebrating in July if we are smoke free and our reservoirs fill up.

  2. Here in San Antonio, we thought it was over. We’ve had a few 90s days. Today the AC is on. Wednesday it’s supposed to be only 50 all day. So winter is either poking a finger in our pie or spring is hanging around longer than usual. Stopping by from A to Z.

  3. OMG, more snow! I feel for you. Our winter has over the past two weeks, seemed to finish, but it’s been the damn longest winter I’ve known in a long time.

    I hope that snow melts soon.

  4. Ours has been on again, off again. We have rain, rain, and more rain, then a beautiful day, (like yesterday, almost sixties)… Then it froze this morning. Bah.

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