R  is for Renegade.

My first novel is finished, queries are emailed. Now what? I have several ideas on the back burner but, honestly, they aren’t what I want to write. Not at this moment.

So, I’m wondering – should I give in and write a contemporary adult fiction novel – a story of life right outside the front door with no paranormal creatures or sexy space guys. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the best books I’ve read are about normal people solving problems, but I have the feeling these stories are not mine to tell. Once you’ve written something you really enjoy, something that makes you laugh, cry, or wish you could be in the story, you can’t ever go back.

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a renegade but when it comes to this, I fall down the predictable rabbit hole. I do want to snag an agent, and I want to be traditionally published. If I create a mainstream novel at least I would have more agents to query. Another novel (possibly a sequel) with an interstellar setting, humor, and sexual content reduces my potential agent base.

So, I’m faced with a dilemma. Creativity verses $.  Write what might sell or write what you love? Slog on with the popular stuff or be a renegade writer, out for a good time, fearless and foolish?

The song Girls Just Want to Have Fun keeps running through my mind. Well, so do writers!

What does your renegade self tell you to write?stars-th

5 thoughts on “Renegade-self”

  1. You have to write what you love, just as I have to paint what I love. Even if no one appreciates it but me! I find when I paint what I think will sell it just never does anyway!

  2. Hmmm… great question!
    I’m leaning towards being a renegade writer myself right now, because it seems the stories that call me (heck, they haunt me!) don’t seem to fit into boxes. Mainstream with magic, steampunk with dragons, and even dystopian vampires doesn’t seem to be what’s out there right now. Maybe that’s because I haven’t explored enough boxes yet, since I’ve read books similar to mine and just haven’t found the name of the genre they’re in.
    On the days that I think I want to make money and have people read my stuff, (because honestly there are days when I’m having too much fun to care 🙂 ) I’m pretty sure a revision or two could make my stories fit into a marketable genre.
    So, I say, be a renegade and have fun!

  3. Thanks, Kirsten. Your ideas sound great to me. (Mainstream with magic sounds like Alice Hoffmann – Practical Magic) You may be closer to genre than you think. But – does it matter? Who knows? I just started chapter one of my sequel:) What the heck!

    However, I’m planning to write at least a first chapter for each of my plot ideas. If the first chapter is a snore or just too hard, I’ll move my renegad-self on to the next thing!

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