Quiet Please

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Something important is missing from our lives – something soothing, thought enabling and natural.


The following excerpt from a wikiHow article confirms my suspicions about our noisy daily lives:

Scientists estimate that we are subject to receiving one billion stimuli every second in our brains.
 Of this amount, our brain manages to filter out most but there are still around 100 sensations kept for continued processing every second. And much of the stimuli received is in the form of noise. With all this bombardment, you can be forgiven for feeling easily distracted, ready to down tools and go for a little mind wander (or even a wander somewhere else totally).

Before I started writing, the constant confusion of tv, radio, talking, and music was annoying, but I learned to live with it. After I began my novel, noise became an issue.  Keeping my train of thought hurtling down the narrow tracks ahead was difficult on a good day and with excess noise it was nearly impossible. Now, I use ambient music apps, ear-buds, or earplugs with moderate success.

I do understand we live in the Age of Racket. On a warm summer day, I roll the windows down and pour bone-rattling latin jazz over my fellow commuters at a stop light. So, OK, I am an occassional noise marauder.

But, the next time cacophony invades the space between your ears visualize the following image:

It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.


6 thoughts on “Quiet Please”

  1. As someone who writes with music blasting, I often wondered why I depended on my music so much to feel creative. Gradually, I came to understand that music–headphones works best–is a way to filter out all the other stimuli and focus on just it and my words.
    So, a kind of organized quiet, I think. Silence might be chaos? I’ll have to try it and see!

  2. Funny, I used to need to have the radio or tv on to drown out the silence (long story). Gradually, I’ve turned them off. I began to realize that while I was writing, or sewing, a program I detested came on and I was so focused on my project I didn’t realize it. I’d turn the offensive show off, and left the noise off for as long as I could stand it. Gradually it has become more common for the house to be quiet than for me to have a noise maker on. 🙂 Great thoughts on noise and quiet.

  3. Yes, how true! When “the Kids”were asleep I would sit quietly in the living room and read. It is amazing how loud a pin dropping is when there is no other sound in the house!

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