Plenum Pursuit

P – Tonight Rick came up with a p-word for the blog. (Back and forth word suggestions have become quite a game for us now. In spite of his claims to the contrary, he has a great vocabulary.) His first word was plenum. A plenum is a heating and air-conditioning term for a chamber intended to contain, in this case, air.

Funny thing about this word game. First words out of our mouths tend to be things that are really important in our lives. (So be forewarned if you play it with your family!) A plenum is part of Rick’s work, just as a keyboard or a pen is part of ours. Creativity isn’t restricted to the written word or the brush stroke. 11970909911651569759jcartier_Pencil_svg_thumbI think many people are intimidated by traditionally creative folks. But, imagination and skill isn’t unique to artists or writers. Maybe this is stating the obvious, but it’s important acknowledge the facets of talent existing all around us, talents often hidden and usually ignored. Watching my husband create a web of sheet metal ductwork for an entire house is amazing. With his fine-honed craft and training he’s warmed hundreds and hundreds of homes over the last forty-one years. No small talent.

The next time you’re watching carpenters or nurses or anyone who makes our modern lives possible, think about creativity. The world vibrates with it, and we can see it everywhere – if we choose to look.

stars-thWhat talented person in your life needs a compliment?

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