Mighty Mighty MOJO

M– Wow. Half way through A to Z Blog Challenge! Keep going!

Words, with their mysterious origins and myriad of meanings, have always fascinated me. My bookcase is crammed with dictionaries, thesauruses, combinations of the two, a battered copy of The Dictionary of American Slang and, on my iPod, Slango Lite lurks misfiled under weather apps.electric-book

So what does MOJO mean?  Lately, I’ve lost my writing mojo. I figure if I put its definition down in words, mojo will return to me. (Your basic magical thinking!)

Dictionary of American Slang – 1975 – mojo  n. Any narcotic. Addict use. (Yikes!)

Oxford America Writer’s Thesaurus – 2004 – noun – informal – magic, voodoo, hoodoo, wizardry; charm. (Pretty straightforward.)

Slango Lite – 4/14/13 – The word was not found in the database. (So much for apps.)

m-w.com – 4/14/2013 – a magic spell, hex or charm resulting in a magical power.  (I’ll settle for a magical power.)

But,  writing has nothing to do with magic spells.  The real magic is in the writing.  Loss of mojo only means you work harder. You stare at the screen, pound the keys and invoke the power of words. Eventually, you find the right combination of letters that will unleash the reader’s imagination. True that. Even so,  I would like to wave the wand over my words once in a while and watch them fall into place like flecks of gold leaf on the page.

What magic do you use to write your best work ever?

7 thoughts on “Mighty Mighty MOJO”

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have those words just falling onto the page like hold flecks on a continual basis. For me, the magic is not being absolutely shattered. If my mind is not dragging it’s heels and half out the door towards the bedroom, I may be able to drop a few wood clippings out, as opposed to hold flecks. If I’m feeling particularly well and fresh, well then I’ve more chance. But in a world where writing is something that is fitted around everything else, for now it’s the way it has to be.

  2. The one surefire thing I can turn to is my playlists. If I’m feeling stuck or unmotivated taking a few minutes to assemble a playlist that reflects my mood, whether it’s placid or playful, seems to summon up some mojo!
    That said, it does sometimes feel like a battle to get words up there. Those are the days I settle for a lower word count, and consider my goal met. Gold flecks only happen when the Muse is feeling especially spunky. 🙂

  3. I use Mojo to mean momentum. One example is allowing your bike to speed downhill and keeping it in high gear until you get halfway up the next hill. If I have a productive day of writing, I am more likely to be productive again the next day. I’ll share Laura Resau’s tips for keeping her mojo working at a Word Wizards’ meeting.

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