Leisure List

L – Oops! I missed my target for L.

Friday night is our sit down and have an adult beverage time. We relax, laugh, and discuss the events of the week. My blog flew out the window.

But, that got me thinking. After such an enjoyable conversation, a good dinner and dessert, the subject of leisure came up. We work hard in our culture, don’t we? Early up, push all day physically and mentally, fix supper, work on writing or rest a weary body in front of TV, back to bed, repeat endlessly until that increasingly illusive part of life – semi-retirement dances just out of reach. Something is definitely missing.

So, here is my leisure list.

1. Take time to meditate, walk, or workout daily.

2. Garden, get dirty, and sit back and watch the beauty unfurl.

3. Take short day trips.

4. Work up to 3 day trips around Colorado. We’ve worked so hard for so long we don’t know our own state!

5. Read other people’s stuff. Read something outside my comfort zone, stories that make me think, stories that make me smile.

6. Laugh a lot more.

7. Pet the dog and catnap with the cat.

I didn’t put writing on the list. To me, writing is wonderful work and not a hobby.  Well, maybe there’s the occasional just for me story. Now that’s fun!

What’s on your leisure list?

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