House Arrest

H – It’s amazing how humans can adapt.

At first, being housebound was as strange and frightening as trying to breathe underwater. My world, the marvelous outside world, was snatched away by surgery. Driving into glowing sunrises on the way to work – gone. Vast sunsets disappeared, fresh air became a memory, and frigid nights studded with stars vanished.sunset from the backyard

For a while, I suffocated inside four walls. Even though our cozy house sheltered me and protected me from harm, it felt like a prison. I’d always wondered what the term house arrest really meant, and now I was experiencing it.

But, after a few weeks, my mind reshaped itself to the space available, morphing into the immediate surroundings. My world and my perceptions shrank into a house-sized place in my brain. The trick was to establish a routine. The mind wanders less if you know what to expect of the day. Even so, I found myself staring out the windows constantly. Our eighty-year-old neighbor’s relentless tinkering in his garage became my focus. I watched Rear Window and pretended I was Jimmy Stewart solving a murder from across the street. Eventually, I learned to amuse myself during my shut in time. Of course, it was easier knowing my time of incarceration was temporary, and I had lots of help from my husband, friends, and Kindle Fire.
BTW, our neighbor is still alive and tinkering.

How would you amuse yourself if you were under house arrest?

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