Guys and Gals

G – Even before I killed a main character, I let two other characters fall in love.

I made a conscious decision that neither individual would say, “I love you.”  These three words alter everything in an instant, bringing our Western values and preferences for a happy stars-thending into a story.  Believe me, I wanted my folks to drift into the galaxy and live happily ever after. Instead, I described love in the actions of the characters as they helped each other in spite of almost insurmountable cultural and species differences. The plot, the action, and the fortunes of each character has to work for the story, no matter what.

How do you write it? Are your readers guaranteed a happy ending?

BTW, I’m enjoying this A to Z Challenge. Thanks to everyone who has responded to my blog. The variety of fascinating and beautiful blogs out there is amazing.

2 thoughts on “Guys and Gals”

  1. You do know that all these posts teasing parts of your story are making me really want to read it?!

    In my first draft, I was bound and determined to give every single one of my characters a happy ending, even some that didn’t deserve one, and even if it meant breaking my story in odd ways. Life was not going to suck in my stories!
    Well, it turned out that made for a predictable and pointless read. Looking deeper into my characters and their psyches produced insights and twists, and now my endings strive for meaning. Sometimes things don’t turn out that great for my characters, but there is always a point and a reason.

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