Daily Drama

stars-thD – After reading so many writing-oriented blogs in the last three days, I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation. One blog in particular asked why we write. I often ask myself that question. It certainly isn’t  for money or fame. Or because writing is easy.

After a day like today, my writing is purely for escape! Believe me, being pinned down on a stellar battlefield with laser fire screaming overhead while  fighting for my life is often easier than dealing with daily drama. Writing provides a wonderful safe haven. It’s a temporary respite from ordinary life, and it’s a place filled with exciting people, beautiful villains, and fabulous landscapes. I’m willing to bet some of the most brilliant world building takes place after a family dispute, comforting a friend in trouble, or dealing with a recalcitrant teenager.

So, I’m using my daily dramas as templates for spicing up my stories. This way I insure my readers shiver, shake their heads and say, “Thank god I’m not in that situation! How will she get herself out of this one?”

The readers participate  in the thrills and chills of experiences outside their own, and I take a mini-vacation from reality. We both win.

How do you ensure your readers shiver with relief?

3 thoughts on “Daily Drama”

  1. I think we all love a good book to escape into, as reader and as writers. I think it’s just about having another world other than our own and one where we can feel the characters are real and we want what they do. I hope my readers feel the ups and downs of my protagonist as she investigates murders in a city and then finds herself up against something more. I think every book had the power to drag us in, written well enough.

  2. Oh yes. I’ve often wondered why some of my most engaging plot twists and exotic world building (at least in my opinion) seem to evolve after some drama or other in my real life. To me, it almost feels like a defense mechanism–that my brain can’t take it any more and has devised a way to retreat, even if just for a while.
    In my story world, I can push my characters closer to the breaking point, and still have them prevail. 🙂

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