Cosmic Commas

C –   English is my first language  and I thought I knew it well but, since I started writing, the vast chasm between speaking properly and writing properly has me tottering on the edge of literacy. I doubt myself constantly – Elements of Style is never far from my side. Grammar Girl is my constant online companion. Discussions with co-workers about the proper use of good vs well are not uncommon and, amazingly enough, actually interesting! Our language is so complex, varied, and inconsistent almost every writer needs reference materials and moral support. Fortunately, the internet provides us with reassurance – occasionally we do put the commas in the typewriter-thright place. This punctuation anxiety is just the cosmic love/hate relationship we have with our mother tongue .

I should have taken Latin in school. The origin of words is fascinating, but the spelling of words is horrifying. Every time I write, I’m so glad English is not my second language. If it was, I would be lost. And, every time I write, I thank God for spell check.

What is your cosmic reference material?


2 thoughts on “Cosmic Commas”

  1. I’m actually a pretty good speller, a skill I never thought I’d need with the advent of spellcheck. It’s handy though when I’m writing fast.
    Commas, however, are my nemesis. They seem to squirt out randomly as I write, especially when I’m cruising along in first draft. I have to Hoover them out on my very first proofread!

    This is fun! Maybe I should have done a bit of A to Z …

  2. I admit I run to whenever a word is on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t reach it. Usually I’ll try to look up a synonym and get to it from there. It works most of the time, but sometimes the website has no idea what I’m trying to get at. XD

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