Building Blocks

B – My Building Blocks of writing started piling up when Mom showed me how to use a thesaurus. She wanted to share one of the greatest resources for word enthusiasts ever created.  I would pick a page at random, study words, learn new ones, and read for stars-thhours. The sheer number of words dazzled me.  And, even now, I close my eyes, rifle the pages  and, when I stop,   I’m always amazed at the beautiful and miraculous variety of our language under my fingertips. Some people do this with the Bible, finding endless affirmation and hope. To me the thesaurus is the bible of words, filled with inspiration and creativity.

What building block of writing sits on your bookshelf?

3 thoughts on “Building Blocks”

  1. I rediscovered my thesaurus when an Internet outage knocked out the online thesaurus and I have to say I fell in love all over again. Gotta love a book that connects words in so many different ways– it’s like a map of language.
    My other building block of writing though would have to be Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. His straightforward advice left no doubt in my mind that I had to give writing a try.
    I never looked back. 🙂

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