APRIL 1, 2013

I’ve signed up for the Blogging From A to Z Challenge and, for the next twenty-eight days, I’ll thrill you all with my tidy, titillating blogs. Hopefully, these blogs will chronicle a writer’s journey from point A to point Z. But, I may throw in other subjects just for fun. And, I promise to keep it short.stars-th

What is it about alliterations?  They flow from my pen with such rapid regularity I struggle to stifle them. Magical and mesmerizing, they have a rhythmic rhyme. Separated by sentences, their flow joins the pauses of paragraphs. For me, alliterations are rarely serious. They appeal to my silly side, a side I don’t often reveal.

What is your silly writer’s side, and how do you show it?

Tomorrow: Building Blocks

2 thoughts on “APRIL ALLITERATION”

  1. I write so many silly things I sometimes wonder about myself, but I have to say the silliest thing I do is write myself into my stories. Something about testing myself against the same obstacles my characters face is irresistible–and maybe it’s because I’d really love to meet my characters in real life –the good guys at least. 🙂

    It’s awesome you’re doing A-Z!

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